Shake(ology) It Off

I have found more success with Shakeology than I have with any other protein powder or dietary action.  All it took was Christine Kennedy reaching out to me and my sister about becoming Beachbody coaches for me to try Shakeology and begin seeing the body I’ve always wanted.

The start of my Shakeology journey.
Day 1 of using Shakeology.

I started my journey on June 1, 2017.  The only thing I really knew about it was what Christine had posted on her social media pages.  I never thought she was heavy or overweight until I saw transformation pictures of her this past April (almost three full years since I’ve seen her last).  She has been using it for over two years now and she looks absolutely incredible!

College student holding Shakeology bag (a dense nutrition dietary supplement).
Holding my first bag of Shakeology.

So why would this work for me?  I am a fit college student who has always maintained a healthy physique.  I don’t need to really lose weight, I just wanted to trim down and gain some muscle.  To answer the question, it did exactly what I wanted for myself.

College student posing for a picture to show muscle growth in biceps and triceps.
About two weeks into using Shakeology.

One of the biggest changes I noticed right away – no more bloating.  I constantly look in the mirror to this day to see how much flatter my stomach looks.  For me, this has boosted my confidence so much that I am encouraged to go to the gym way more than ever before.  Once I started seeing a difference in my physique so quickly, I wanted to go the extra mile to see even more results.

Healthy and nutritious breakfast.  Eggs, spinach, onions, and red peppers.
My daily breakfast: eggs, spinach, onions, and red peppers.

Another change I noticed was that I changed my dietary habits.  Because Shakeology is a meal replacement, I was getting the nutrients I needed.  I’m guilty as hell about skipping a meal because of my busy lifestyle and Shakeology has saved me from doing so.  On top of that, I’ve noticed the shift in how healthy I eat.  Now, I usually only buy fruits, vegetables, eggs and some meat when I go to the supermarket.

My supermarket purchases.  Meats, onions, bananas, fruits, peppers, eggs.
A typical check-out at the supermarket.

To sum this all up, Shakeology has given me the mental and physical strength to have the body I’ve always worked towards.  I feel thinner in my waistline, I’ve gained so much more muscle, look way more toned than ever before, and I live a healthier lifestyle.  Because of this, I feel way better about myself and I am much happier!

As muscle workout to end my workout.
A little an exercise to always end my workouts.

Some people say money doesn’t buy happiness, but I think it does when you’re spending your money in the right places.

College student posing to show muscle growth after two months of using Shakeology.
Two full months into Shakeology and I see a huge difference in my muscle definition.


For more information on Shakeology, click here.

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