Social Media Work

CANZ Westbury

Old Website:

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  • Continuous scroll from one page to another
  • Outdated deals
  • Incorrect grammar and sentence structure on “About Us” section

New Website:

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  • Created multiple pages, rather than one page with continuous scrolling
  • Main “Discounts” page contains daily deals, as well as day-of-the-week specific deals
    • created artwork for each daily deal to utilize on the website and on table tents
  • Cleaned-up and updated text
  • Linked social media accounts more often to encourage following other media accounts


Old account manager:


  • When I took over this account, there were 977 followers and 2,456 accounts CANZ was following

New account manager:




My Work:




  • When I finished, there were 1,249 followers and following 190 accounts.